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Truc & Ben || Sai Gon Mini Couple Session

Truc & Ben || Sai Gon Mini Couple Session



Truc and I met over our shared interests. In particular our desire to try and experience new things. It also helped that you don’t often find a westerner who will try any food. So it happened our first date was over Hot vit lon and Durian Ice Cream. It was my first time trying "Hot Vit Lon". 

Even with someone I had just met, I knew right away that Truc was someone I could share many experiences with. Since that day we have not only continued to get to know each other better but have also taken turns introducing new things to each other and also going out and creating completely new experiences together. We have found that trying new things was just one of the many things we shared. That one meal really just marked the beginning of something special. Even though we live a world apart from each other, we have managed to still see each other every couple of months. Each time we pick up exactly where we left off. The only thing that really changes is that the goodbyes keep getting harder.




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