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Summer Renew The Vow In Sai Gon|| Matthias & Giang

Summer Renew The Vow In Sai Gon|| Matthias & Giang



"To paraphrase thought out sentiment by the friend below: Marriage is not linear. It is more than love. It is a constant. It is a battle. It is challenging and pushes us to find comfort in the uncomfortable. We are a speck of dust moving millions of miles an hour through vast empty space. We manifest our destiny with someone extraordinary, bit also someone human. We keep moving." - RoseyRed 


As for Matthias and Giang, they spend their day quietly, in a sweet little apartment in SaiGon. They took their time to prepare, walked together to small park and river bank to exchange their vows - things they don't have chance to do one and half year ago; I’ll just let you get on with the good stuff and see for yourself. 






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