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Sai Gon Prewedding || Hung & Linh

Sai Gon Prewedding || Hung & Linh

During this time, I wonder what lesson we are all being taught right now in our lives despite most afraid of that happen because I feel unprepared and uncomplete.


People are easy to focus on struggling with sorrow or frustration; but positivity exists even in the darkest times. how overwhelming is sharing large moments of happiness and shared positivity among your friends, loved ones and community. ⁣Just like most people out there right now, we’re just stay home, doing our part and luckily sharing couple's stories over and over.


It were a challenge for you to stay positivity and keep it following from time to time. Find a reason, It can be simple or complicate. Just like Hung & Linh, these two had a long distance relationship, Hung studied abroad in France, and Linh have started a job in the lab. But the reason to keep Affection is very simple --> "lazy to break up and start over". They spend whole day to explore Sai Gon and have little time to sharing their thoughts for each others on the rooftop - such a nice scenery at the evening city night.


I hope you enjoy their story and I’m looking forward to sharing more over stories the next few weeks.


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