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Elopement on Da Lat || Khoa & Trang

Elopement on Da Lat || Khoa & Trang


     Finally,  wecan be shared another Da Lat elopement of Khoa and Trang. Two very special people that have first met and crossed paths with nine years ago during their hometown Lam Ha. Every time I return to photograph a Da Lat elopement I’m discovering new things about this magical place.


     This emotional elopement took place in Summer on an overcast day.  A time of the year when it always rain in lately of day and the landscape transitions into mysterious place with a long misty path with branches forming gate just like fairy tale.


     Khoa and Trang travelled from Ho Chi Minh to tie the knot in a place where they could escape their busy lives in the industry.  A place where they could spend time with the people that meant so much to them – Da Lat. And Specially, Khoa can do things he has missed from the last time and special gift for his beloved.


The Missed Engagement Ring



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