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An Intimate Yen Tu Elopement // Dung & Linh

An Intimate Yen Tu Elopement // Dung & Linh



Definitely, Dung & Linh weren’t eloping.  They were renewing their vows for their 15 years wedding anniversary. Dung & Linh took off on their own adventure to recommit to this life they’ve already made together.


They chose Yen Tu mountain where they had climbed up to the top two times for their anniversary, this place is known as the holy land of Buddhism; before you reach to Yen Tu Pagoda on the top, you will pass bamboo road, stone steps and roots intermingled; go through 700 years old Cedrus tree road, such a small challenge for you and believe me, you won’t disappoint about scenery in here; the more higher you climb, you can touch cloud by hand and you just walk through the mist - lost in a fairyland


Simply being around Dung and Linh is such a positive experience and they’re the kind of people that give out nothing but good energy and good vibes.  They’re genuinely passionate about life, love and sharing.


“Actually, this is first time we do renew the vow, don’t get us wrong.  We love weddings too, but things are different once you’ve been married a little while.  A vow renewal comes from a completely different position of choice and promise, and witnessing it’s beauty firsthand is enough to bring the most stoic of hearts to tears.  No matter it’s been 10, 15 or 50 years, it’s in a beautiful island like, or the quiet of a backyard ceremony in the place that was once a house you've made into a home, we encourage every married couple to come back to the heart of their initial commitment.  Special doesn’t begin to define the value of these newfound vows.” - RoseyRed



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